Thursday, January 31, 2008


My quick hitters:
  • I'm currently working on something. Don't worry, you guys will get to see time to come. =)
  • Why is everyone leaving to Australia?? Sheesh.
  • I'll take this opportunity to blog about my previous outing. Correction: One of my previous outings.
I believe it was last Thursday. I met up with Steph, Lena and Wei Pyng for Steph's farewell lunch as she was heading back to Aussie. AUSSIE......B-O-R-I-N-G!

We ate at
Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar @ BSC

They had interesting place mats which Steph and I ended up arguing about which lines the cutleries ought to be placed on. Yes la...we are very 'bo liao'.

Ice Chocolate

Calvin, I bet you've never tried the Ice Chocolate here before cause it is by far THE BEST. =)

Wei Pyng, Lena, Steph and Me

Steph and I
  • Wednesday night I went out with Calvin and he brought me to TTDI Plaza.
Pretty cool, eh?

It's a definitely a nice place to chill out.

Here's where we ate: It's like the All Stars Cafe in Mid Valley (not that I've ever eaten there before), but similar concept I suppose. It's nice and cosy.

Calvin enjoying the fries.
  • Today, I went to see Zong in Ikano during his break and he made me this
Signature Hot Chocolate

The barista

and his obnoxious friend.

It's good to know that Starbucks is giving back to society.

Me & Zong
  • On my way home from Ikano, I spotted this
Our very new Proton Saga!

Ok's quite nice wert. (Eh, support la our Malaysian car!)

Look a little closer though...
Boot space capacity: Approximately 50 BIG durians


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