Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mother-Daughter Day Out

I finally met up with Ms Siow yesterday...a church friend whom I've not seen for close to a year.

We went to the Curve and had lunch at Little Penang Cafe. It was great catching up, cracking lame jokes and reminiscing. But soon, I had to leave as I had a mother-daughter day out with Tiffy Mommy.

So off I went to pick Tiff up and we headed down to Mid Valley to see Pau. He is working at Starbucks and made Tiff & I complimentary drinks. Though he got caught...and might face a disciplinary action. Sorry Pau. After much bitching and gossiping, Pau had to run. So, Tiff and I left MV and headed elsewhere. I started driving aimlessly on the road as we had no idea where to go next. "Drive to where your heart desires," clich├ęd Tiff. "I've a feeling we're gonna end up in some mall in PJ," I replied. And true enough, we ended up going to the Curve.

It was dinner time, and Tiff suggested Little Penang Cafe. I gave her my 'seriously?' look and she could guess I had just eaten there that afternoon. As we both weren't feeling very hungry, I suggested we grab a small bite at The Apartment. We both shared the Strawberry Peach Pavlova dessert. It was an uneasy eat as we gained unwanted stares from the many perverted foreign workers. But nonetheless, dessert was good.

Feeling down and lazy, Tiff thought it'll be good to do something randomly fun to cheer up our moods. I almost choked on my water when she said 'Let's bowl!' Tiffany Toh - queen of all queens...bowling?? Yes, exactly. Imagine. So my reaction is perfectly acceptable.

Despite protesting in fear that 'Mommy' will break her her bones, we bowled.
Setting an example

Daughter see, daughter do.

Round 1:

Ju 1 - 0 Tiff

Unsatisfied with the score, Tiff wanted revenge. So we played another game.

Don't ask how I got that nick.

'Mommy' dearest

Round 2:

'Mommy' shows how it's done.

In fairness, Tiff didn't get a strike in the first frame. She got a spare but the system got a bit screwed up. Which means, she should only have received 10 points. Now, let's do some mental calculation. 105 - 9 = 96. Blargh. She still wins. But only marginally. Fine. I'll give you this win Tiffy, but I want a rematch!

As we were coming down the escalator, we passed a snooker/foos centre.
Tiff spontaneously suggested we foos. Oblivious to the fact that Tiff used to foos often back when she was studying at Taylors, I agreed thinking I could thrash her. Oh how wrong I was.

She whipped my ass. Blargh!

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