Monday, January 28, 2008

Of Tour Guiding and Chauffeuring

Sorry for the lack of updates...been really busy last week.

I had to take on a job that doesn't pay. Nyeh.

I became a tour guide. Though probably not a very good one, given my very limited knowledge of KL. But at least I know my way around PJ.

The job?

1 word.


But nonetheless, it was still fun.

My cousins from Australia are around, so I had to take them out...EVERY DAY. Chauffeuring them up and down, here and there, around and about. They are such shopaholics!

It's great to have my cousins around but on the down side, I've been eating so much! I should not fail to mention the amount of food we eat is always, ALWAYS too much. I reckon I would break the weighing scale if I were to weigh myself now. Thus, I will save my mum the trouble of getting a new one by laying off the scale until I feel reasonably thin less fat again.

p/s: We'll be going to Pangkor Island in less than a week! It's times like these when my gym membership comes in handy.

pp/s: From last year till now, I'm still needing to lose the same amount of kilos...which ultimately means I'm NOT LOSING WEIGHT! Feck.

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