Monday, July 02, 2007

My Lord Loves Me

Tiffany & her spartan & his friends went to Malacca last Thursday (June 28). Well, I was invited, but my body was aching; and Tiff & I had a performance coming up on Saturday, so I declined. (In any case, mummy wouldn't have allowed me to go, cause it was rather last minute. Furthermore, it was only a 2 day trip.)

Anyway, the next day, Tiff and I had rehearsal; and look at what the Lord brought for me:

The famous Chicken Rice Balls
...all the way from Malacca

Mummy: Tiff brought back the famous Malacca Chicken Rice Balls for you? That's very sweet of her.

p/s: Thank you so much, my Lord. I love the rice balls!

pp/s: My mummy likes you again. =)

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