Monday, July 30, 2007

'I Feel So Alive!'

It came to a point when I thought my blog was going to drown with me and my dramas. But I had a firm grip on my soul, as I refused to hand 'it' over' to the Angel of Death. The 'Hand of God' pulled me out of a whirlpool that I found myself swimming in and I...was saved.

And now here I am, resurrecting my blog.

Gosh, where do I even begin?

My holidays have ended. My 2nd semester has begun. And somewhere in between, I shared tears, laughter, joy and pain. (So bloody cliché.)

7 July 2007

I bought the LG Shine.
*<-- Picture taken by the Shine
Loving my phone, but I do miss my Moto.

And I think I'll be posting up pictures of what I did during my semester break on my Space, cause it's been far too long for me to do a recap, and furthermore, it is said that pictures paint a thousand words.

I'll let you know once pictures have been uploaded.

As for now, have a great week people!


p/s: I'm back!

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