Saturday, November 21, 2009

Awake at 3

I was in bed by 10.37pm. Read a few pages of 'The White Tiger' before my eyes grew tired and I was fast asleep by 11.43pm. I did not look at the time, so perhaps it could have been 11.33pm or 11.53pm, but it was definitely before midnight. That, I am sure of.

3 hours 36 minutes and 3 mosquito bites later, here I am. Wide awake. At a time where most people my age have not even gone to bed yet, I have just awoken. Awakened, to be precise. At a time like this, it does not pay to save the environment cause now I rue the mistake of not turning on the air cond earlier. The cold air could have prevented those mosquito bites, and well, I could still be asleep. Oh, if only.

I get that my posts this year have been thin on the ground, but it takes an effort for me to write about something, or let alone anything. I need to feel the passion. I need to be inspired. I need to be affected.

See, if only I was A political writer, I would have too much to write about, it might border on spam. Thankfully but perhaps unfortunately, I am pretty apolitical. They say it is hard to be apolitical in this country, but I say, anything is possible. Hah. No, I kid, but only about the latter cause I am honestly not very affected by the politics that go on in this country. Every day, political news headline our local newspapers and after 365 days of reading the same headlines, or a variety of them, you become immune. Like the row of advertisement boards lined up on both sides of the road to KLIA, do you actually take note of them still...or did you ever? I am apolitical, but only because I feel we have no voice. A squeak, maybe. Not a voice, especially given the latest unrest in our political party.

They say we are the movers and shakers. They say we are the leaders of tomorrow. They say we are the future generation. But how can we possibly be when there seems to lie no path of the future. Can we really trust anything they say in this country? Or maybe I need an interpretor to comprehend the impartial and unprejudiced policies, the fair and unbiased budget plans, the competent and efficient constituency. Or maybe I just need the 'M****sian Politics for Dummies' book.

3 Prime Ministers later and I have witness change. Change that is hard to ignore even if you were blind...or apolitical. But are they for the better?

Let me finish reading the book and then I will let you know.

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