Thursday, December 18, 2008

Absolut-ly Fan-taboo-lous

I just had a house party.

The boys got pissed drunk and I didn't have enough to drink. Heh.

Judging from the previous post, which I did not write, my dear friend was feeling a lil woozy.

I'm a tad dissatisfied that I didn't have enough to drink.

Then again, I guess I'm keeping sober.

We played Taboo and divided ourselves into teams Jurozi Park and Caldeag Station. (Lol...what were we thinking??)

Prior to the party, we went grocery shopping.

We walked all the way into the hypermarket and realised we'd forgotten to take a trolley.

None of us were sure if RM1.90/kg was cheap for bawang putih, of which I thought was onions.

We took a total of 411 pictures and more tonight.

Now my stomach is starting to feel uneasy from the blend of mushroom soup, garlic bread, Aglio Olio pasta, Oreo milkshake and vodka.

I'm slowly falling asleep on my keyboard.

Peace-ing out peeps.


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