Monday, August 11, 2008

Ink Me

I accompanied Tiff today to get her tattoo done which turned out really beautiful, after much redraws. Now I totally desire one myself. On my left wrist. One day. I will.

Anyway, Tiff shared a dream she had of me. Wasn't exactly pleasant, but at least she was thinking of me. Lol. Apparently, she dreamt I was kidnapped. We were driving to god-knows-where and parked our car in a dark shady area. We got down and sliced mangoes (was it?) squatting down. Unaware of our surroundings, we hadn't noticed a group of man surrounding us. One in particular started to assault us. Tiff told him to eff off and it did not go down well with the others. We ran for our lives as they tried to hunt us down. Tiff managed to fight off the one who was chasing after her. To quote her: "I hit him in the face and slammed him into a wall." Really, Tiff? I, on the other hand, was portrayed as a complete weakling in her dream as I was outrun and abducted.

Tiff called her mum and they filed a police report. After several minutes, they got tipped off regarding my whereabouts. They soon spotted me walking with an old woman whom I was tied to along the streets. Tiff rummaged through her bag and managed to find a pair of scissors. They drove up right next to me, and Tiff cut me loose and rescued me.

Not quite sure what it signifies...but this is one of those dreams you hope doesn't come true.

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