Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emo Much

I was overcome by a flood of emotions yesterday. Not only did I have to deal with the departure of my friend, I have an assignment due this Friday and another next Monday to think about. And if that wasn't enough, the progress in my studies thus far left me feeling demoralised as I succumbed to the pressure of uni. Everyone around me, especially friends so dear, are flourishing in their studies while I'm floundering. In an instance, my world, as I saw it, was crumbling down to my feet. Dreams—shattered. Aspirations—unattained. Life—failed.

Anxiety started to build up from inside me. Feeling unsettled, I called Densy Darling to calm my nerves but ended up breaking down. I cried my heart out. But Densy, ever so understanding, gave me the right dose of pep talk. (You're the sweetest Densy! Love you much!) I felt more at ease and my heart, lighter. Still looking frazzled, I went to see my mum and told her I was stressed out. She gave the me the 'mother's talk'. One I've heard too many times and hated to be reminded of; but I needed it. At the end of the lecture, she asked to look at my assignments and said she'll help me get help. (Maybe I ought to cry more often.)

Emotionally drained, I went to bed early and woke up this morning feeling young and fresh. I carried out my usual motions of today till early evening. Just as I was about to leave for ballet, I was reminded by my ballet teacher that the ballet school was close this week, coinciding with the school holidays. Not wanting to break my streak of regular exercise (Yes, I have been exercising pretty regularly for the past 2 weeks.), I made up my mind to go run. As I ran, it hit me that I've actually already succeeded in life. I have the greatest mum in the world. (As embarrassing as this will sound for me, but my mum spent the whole day asking her colleagues how to get around doing my assignments. Before any of you start teasing me, her colleagues said the questions were tough, okay! I love love LOVE love love you mum!) Plus, I couldn't ask for more awesome friends (you guys should know who you are)! I am truly blessed and Life could not have seemed more beautiful.

But hey, I was never a small dreamer and I will not settle for mediocrity. So why should I ever stop striving when the world I desire can be won?

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