Thursday, September 09, 2010


The last thing I was checking out online were Tiffany & Co. rings. I went to bed dreaming about going to the store, only to see a friend (let's name her Claire to avoid confusion) working there, and witnessed her pocket some earrings. *1st WTF moment* She showed me some rings but the scene gets fuzzy and transitions to another.

2nd Scene:
I'm now with another friend, Alice, at a mall of some sort. Outside the mall is a stage with a revolving platform. I've been here, in a previous dream. In the previous dream, I stood by the sides and watched yet another friend (we'll call her K-Mart) perform on stage. So this time I wasn't about to allow that to happen. Alice & I crashed the stage and we danced. It was fun. It was exciting. It was short lived. And this was why...

Next Scene: (Let's assume there's a platform that overlooks the stage from the 1st floor of the mall and that they had beefed up security on the ground floor of the stage and the stage's décor, be it a tree, or a circus tent, is as high as the 1st floor.)
Alice & I had climbed up the flight of stairs and are now on that platform. Alice is itching to crash the stage again and the only way is by jumping off the platform and onto the stage décor and sliding your way down onto the stage. (Let's now assume that the distance to jump is rather big.) I tried to dissuade Alice, but alas, she wouldn't listen as I saw her leap, and cling on to the décor for dear life. Her grip proved not strong enough and I watched her fall to her death. *2nd WTFOMFGBBQ moment*

9.05 am. I woke up.

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