Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Okay

These last 2 weeks have been anything but a dream. And no, I do not mean they weren't great. I mean exactly otherwise. Funny how we always assume dreams are perfect, cause they really aren't in reality.


I love my life. The reality of it. It's not perfect but I can live with that.

I will never have that perfect family portrait, but I'll be okay.

I will never have that perfect body, so I'll learn to accept what God has given me.

I will never smell the way you smell, and I'm glad I don't so I can appreciate your scent.

I will never be as close to you as I wish I could, but I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder.

I will never be the most feminine person, but I hope people will accept me the way I am.

I will never live the life of others I envy, and I think I'd rather not.

I love my life just the way it is, and I thank God for that.

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