Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forever and Never

Leaving for the States in less than 24 hours now. At the very least, I'm done packing after much procrastination and an earful of nagging from my mum that ultimately fell on deaf ears. Heh. What's left to do is of course, being typically Malaysian, some last minute shopping later today—12 hours prior to leaving. *Pats self on the back.*

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone well and a happy new year! It won't be long before 2010 rolls in and I'm excited! Somewhat. Ironically, I can't wait to come home from the States already. There are just too many things I'm going to miss. Firstly, my family. Secondly, my friends. Thirdly, being PRESS. Hee. But that said, there are many things I'd love to see in the States as well and visiting a different country is always eye opening and soul enriching. Oh god, mixed emotions, how I loathe them.

Ah...but then again I'm not leaving, I'm not going away, I'm merely just...journeying. ;)



for my, more likely than not, delayed 'Updates from the States'!

Peace & love,

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