Monday, June 01, 2009

I Actually Miss Writing

And I don't mean 140 characters long writing. Cause as much as I like twitting, a lot, I really do miss writing a little more than a few 140 characters long sentences to make up a paragraph.

Not being confined to a space of 140 characters gives me the abundance of writing freedom and creativity. To écrire (write). To scribble. To bs.

But like in all superhero movies, there's always an enemy, a villain that will get in the way. And for me, the only person standing between me and my writing is Procrastination. And occasionally Writer's Block. And I am equipped with only myself to fight them off, which is proving, as you can judge from the frequency and length of my published posts thus far, to not be very successful. Me, myself and I do not suffice. I am losing this epic battle and I need backup!!

The ease of twitting is making it very hard for me to swing back into my writing groove as twitting requires almost no effort or thinking. The only cognitive process that might take place when twitting is the time spent mulling over how to shrink your tweet when you've exceeded the character count.

But maybe, just maybe, I might have caught the writing wave again. And I'm gonna try to ride it for as long as I can without falling off my surfboard.


p/s: I've always wanted to try surfing.

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